Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cheap Weight Tip #14: Custom Canti studs

Sean of Vertigo Cycles sent this one in:

"Do they have to be simple?

Let's say you have a couple of feet of 1/2" O.D. 6/4 Ti bar stock lying
around, some time on your hands access to a lathe. It would also help if
you were an enormous geek. I made some Paul's specific brake mounts for my
Reynolds Ouzo CX fork. The little buggers save 16 grams...unholy."

Basically, Paul's brakes require a metal sleeve. Sean fabricated a canti stud so that you wouldnt need that sleeve. Sweet!

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Anonymous said...

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows this was born from Sacha's/Paul's mounts. It seems like a great idea for the frame...why not the fork?


Anonymous said...

You're referring to the rear mounts on the Speedvagen bikes?

Anonymous said...