Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cheap Weight Tip #13: Campy lever mod

Rachel sent in this tip:

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Here's a tip for the weight savvy 'crosser...

If riding Campy with a single chain ring, you can easily convert a regular ergo lever into a lighter weight and cheaper alternative than buying a Record brake lever. (which are the only brake levers currently available from Campy.) Of course you could also use a cheap aero lever from Cane Creek which has the same hood shape, but why ditch the Campy if you don't have to?

Remove all of the shifter gut as well as the thumb lever. I used a 5mm spacer and cut out a chunk so that it fit nicely in the spot where the thumb lever once went. If you're really a fanatic, you could drill the spacer. If you aren't particular about how it feels, just leave it empty for an even lighter set-up.

Anyhow, make sure the altered spacer fits in nicely, and then cover it with electrical tape. Wrap the remaining area around the shifter pod with double-sided tape or carpet seam tape for ultimate hold. The hood is prone to slip without the thumb lever in place. Be careful to ensure there is not tape covering any of the three holes intended for the notches on the inside of the hood. Carefully place the hood into position and you have a sleeker, lighter bike.

If you have a cheap weight tip email it to me at plusonelap at gmail dot com


Dean said...

Anyone doing this mod feel free to send the removed parts to me.
I have a lever in need of rebuilding.
and will take as many spare parts as I can get.

bastillecx said...

Exquisite detail - very nicely done!!!

For my taste, the thumb levers are like comfort food - nice to have around when things get funky.