Monday, June 25, 2007

Colnago: decals are cool

So, the frame is "saved" and I decided to go forth and apply the decals. It was an involved process, I used the wet... application method, where you apply some soapy water to the frame in order for the decals to be moved and adjusted a little before they set up. It allowed for a little adjustment, but not a lot.

The seat tube decal was a little too wide and should have been trimmed prior to application, but in all, it looks pretty cool. Especially, if you recall what the frame looked like when I first got it.

There are still a few parts I'm waiting on: the chainrings are on their way and the italian octalink BB still needs to be ordered. Also, I'm on the hunt for a new stem as well. I have one, but I'm not sure I like it. Its not shiny enough.


Tristan said...

You've got reason to be very proud of that frame!

Nathan said...

What kind of decals did you use?
Did you have to clear-coat it after applying them?