Saturday, June 09, 2007

How many wheels do you have?

Well, for the last year or so, I've been a wheel collector, well, collector sounds more refined, maybe more of a wheel hoarder.

The idea to have multiple wheels for multiple bikes for multiple... courses is a pretty cool thing. With the advent of Ebay, you can pick up a lot of these wheels for pretty cheap. Sticking to wheels that are serviceable (read: Mavic rims on Shimano or Campy hubs) is advised. The Mavic GL280's and 330's are fairly light wheels with the reputation of not being extra durable. Other tubular rims such as the Reflex have been proven to be light enough and durable enough to hold up to the rigors of cross.

So this is the break down (they're all 700c):

Pair Sun M19AII tubular's mounted onto Hershey Naked Front and an American Classic rear (cassette)---this is one of my favorite wheelsets. Its super light, strong and have never been the reason why I'm not a superstar.

Pair Mavic Reflex (clincher) with Dura Ace hubs and blue alloy nipples. Got these off of Ebay a couple years ago for $70. They are cassette as well.

Pair Mavic CXP 21 clinchers with Ultegra hubs. This was my first cyclocross wheelset. The hub needs some servicing. CXP series seem to be good cross wheels as they have the V profile which seems to work in the mud and durable.

Pair Campagnolo Victory Crono tubular wheels on I think some Campy hubs. These are a SS race set of wheels for me. Which have some Tufo Elites mounted on them.

Pair Fir Quasar tubulars on Dura Ace hubs. The rear hub is a screw on freewheel type, which is fine for a SS wheelset. I bought these as a backup SS cross wheelset, I think this is one pair I will be selling. No tires mounted currently.

Pair Mavic Monthlery Route tubular on Campy hubs, No tires mounted.

One Mavic Open Pro front with Ultegra hub

One Mavic MA2 rear with Dura Ace hub, cassette. The MA2 is another bulletproof rim. I had this built up in college after I was hit by a car and the rear OPen pro rim was toast. On a budget, I had the LBS build this u pfor me using the existing hub.

One Zipp 404 front clincher. Will probably sell this also as I'm not planning on doing any du's or tri's in the near future. For Sale Here

One Mavic Reflex clincher with a Dura Ace hub. Rim needs to be replaced after a failed attempt at bunnyhopping a cement barrier.

I have 16 wheels! I knew I had a lot laying around. How many wheels have you guys got taking up space? Let us know in the comments section.


Brooke Hoyer said...

For my two bikes, I've got three complete sets of tubies. In an effort to keep the rims consistent for ease of swap (don't wanna adjust the brake pads), they are all Reflex rims. They all happen to have DA hubs as well. I've got an extra set of broken tubies too. And I've got two sets of clinchers -- a beater pair of Rolf Vector Comps and a mismatched set of Mavic Open 4 and Reflex clinchers with a DA front hub and Nuke Proof carbon rear hub.

I've purchased all of these used.

So that's five usable sets and one for parts.

jeremyb said...

Sweet, its smart to have those matching rims. Adjusting brake pads is a b$%##$#R when its raining and the race is starting in like 10 mins.