Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Custom Framebuilder Database

So I've amassed a list of custom cyclocross frame builders throughout the USA into the "database" located below. I've scoured the internet so that you don't have to. In the near future, I will be posting interviews with various custom frame builders asking them some of the same questions you might before throwing down a few $K on a new sweet custom ride.

If I missed your...
local or favorite builder, let me know in the comments section below. If you are a custom cyclocross frame builder send me an email at plusonelap at gmail dot com and I'll add you to the list and email you a copy of the Plus One Lap Framebuilder's Questionnaire.

Ahearne Cycles,
Portland OR
Badger Custom Cycles, Lawrence, Kansas
Curt Goodrich, Minneapolis, MN
Curtlo Winthrop, WA
De Salvo Ashland, OR
Echelon Cycleworks Rhode Island
Hottubes Worcester, MA
Hunter Watsonville, CA
Independent Fabrication Somerville, MA
Ira Ryan, Portland OR
Kish SLO, CA
Landshark Medford OR
Luna cycles Nederland, CO
Marcroft Cycles, Salem OR
Peacock Groove unknown
Pereira cycles Portland, OR
Primus Mootry Longmont, CO
Richard Sachs Chester, CT
Rocklobster Santa Cruz, CA
SadiLah Handmade Framesets, San Diego, CA
SoulCraft Petaluma, CA
Steelman Redwood City, CA
Steve Rex Sacramento, CA
Strong Bozeman, MT
Sycip Santa Rosa, CA
TerraFerma Cycles unknown
True North Cycles, Ontario Canada

Tsunehiro Cycles, Portland OR
Tom Teesdale West Branch, IA
Vanilla Portland, OR
Vertigo Cycles Portland OR
Vulture no longer makes frames
Waltworks Boulder, CO
Zanconato Worcester, MA


Anonymous said...

Check out Vertigo, a new builder in Portland. sean@vertigo.com. I have 3 Vultures and when Wade quit building bikes I turned to Sean. Great guy and a lot of vision.

Jeremy Burlingame said...

added, thanks!

Anonymous said...

I know you're focused on 'made in the USA', but for your readers up in Canada, True North makes some beautiful custom CX frames.

Anonymous said...

Look into Rivendell Bicycle Works. They build beautiful steel lugged bikes. They also have a cyclocross model, the Legolas, that I think they will customize for you. http://www.rivbike.com

Anonymous said...

Check out Rob Pennell's work at www.badgercycles.com. Very nice brazed and lugged bikes!

Jeremy Burlingame said...

added True north and Badger, thanks for the heads up, I will be adding a few more builders shortly like Ahearne.

bob chew said...

I have a Ti Cycles Steilacoom - fantastic frame not just because it's Ti but the geometry as well. You see a fair number of these in the Pacific Northwest.


Anonymous said...

Check out Bilenky Cycle Works in Philly and ANT.

The Big Hair Scientist said...

Check out Engin Cycles in Philly. Also, Vicious Cycles (NY) and Cloud Nine (Santa Cruz, CA). If fixed gear 29er cyclocross is your thing, rumor has it that Matt Chester is welding again.

A lot more can be found at...

Anonymous said...

Think about adding Gunnar and Waterford

SpeedyChix said...

From the founder of Moots...he's gone back to his own biz and is doing some killer ti road, cx, 29er

Anonymous said...

Parlee cycles has a new carbon cross bike out!!

James Billiter said...

Seven Cycles?

Buddy (Lee) Poole said...

Shamrock Cycles from Indianapolis, IN


PopGoesBend said...

vulture is back.

Jamie ann said...

Lynskey is making some great cx bikes as well:

Dan Bailey said...

Peacock Groove is in Minneapolis.

For that matter, so am I:
Pallas Athena Custom Bicycles

Ardent.Ly said...

don't forget doug fattic out of michigan
and waterford out of wi (behind schwinn paramount and waterford cycle)

don't forget a few of wisconsin's custom builders
not very well known but have made some fine FINE bikes

and don't forget yamaguchi cycles

and jitensha studio