Sunday, June 03, 2007

Colnago Cyclocross

Previously I was reporting on building up a Colnago road bike into a cyclocross bike. As the season rapidly approaches, I've started working... on it again. As mentioned the other day, I've purchased some decals for this thing. Also, I just dropped off the frame at a local powdercoater. I think powdercoating is the perfect solution to the rigors of cyclocross.

Powdercoating is strong, durable, wont chip easily, plenty of colors to choose from, and its fairly cheap too. My local powdercoater is doing my frame and fork for only $100. I've chosen DuPont Sky White. And will leave all of the chrome sections exposed for the obvious reason----Chrome = cool. They said it would take 1-2 weeks.

The only downside to powdercoating on a frame like this, is that the lug cutouts of the clover and the "colnago" will not be as sharp as in a typical paint finish. I am willing to deal with this, as I value the toughness of the powdercoat and HATE paint chips on an otherwise nice bike.

I reported last time, that the frame spacing changed after the dimpling of the stays. I respaced them without issue to 130mm before I took it into the Powdercoater.

The only part I need now is a set of Dura Ace Cranks like these:

To match the DA headset that I've got for the bike, as well as the general 80's theme. I'm excited that within the next month, I'll be able to take this creation out for a spin.


Collin said...

What length crank do you need? I think i have a pair/ the shop i work at i know does that we may sell and ship. Personal message me(if thats possible i dont know blogger)

jeremyb said...

Heya Collin, yeah shoot me an email at plusonelap at gmail dot com and I'll send you some money.

jeremyb said...

Whoops didnt leave crank length, im looking for either 172.5 or 175.