Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some of my latest used buys

Thought I'd share what I've picked up on the used market lately. I think I got pretty good prices all the way around.

First off, I got a set of Control Tech titanium bolt on skewers off of Ebay for $8. Retail: $35 or so Weight: 48 grams

From the same seller, I got a Deda 215 Deep (non anatomic) bar for $20.00. Retail: around $70 weight: 241 grams.

Also from the same seller (I got shipping combined) a set of Suntour Downtube shifters for only $4. Retail: no longer made but DT shifters on ebay usually go for at least 3 times this price. Weight: 54 grams.

Lastly, I got this slightly banged up Dura Ace 9 speed rear derailleur for $15 shipped. It came with a funky backplate that I will swap out, maybe with a carbon model. I'm going to tune it some, drill it up, dremel it, because it was only $15 shipped. Retail: around $50 or so for this condition Weight: 178 grams.

Just goes to show that deals are out there, you just gotta be at the right webpage at that right time.

Oh, soon I'll have a pretty set of Stronglight Pulsions in my grubby little paws. Theyre going to look great on my TriCross, if I ever get it built...

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