Friday, May 19, 2006

Dont Laugh (the sub $100 cross bike) pt 4

Well, don’t worry, I know this bike isn’t finished yet. This is the deal though, getting things for cheap usually means not fast. It means waiting, making deals, searching forums and online auction sites, until you find that part that will fit your needs. Instantaneous=Expensive. Cheap=Patience.

So what’s happened since the last time I updated you on the “don’t laugh” project? I spent big dollars and bought a blue seatpost ($20). Also, I traded a Cinelli alter stem for the Shimano 600 cranks. I found a matching set of brake levers in my Rubbermaid parts box. They are non-aero, but hey this bike isn’t new, lets stick with a theme eh? Oh and probably coolest of them all, a nice reader sent me a set of Suntour Power 6 speed Barcons.

Whats left? I have to buy some brake and derailleur cables then hook up the brakes and rear derailleur. Get a new tube for the rear wheel. Swap out the 7 speed freewheel with a 6 speed version. Wrap the handlebars with some cool blue Benotto handlebar tape that I just happened to have stashed away and which just happen to match this bike perfectly. Get a new chain. Oh and I’ll probably take off the spoke guard on the rear wheel and the reflectors off the bike.

Lastly, the bike has only cost $94 thus far. Looks like I’m going to go over a little, but not by too much.

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Lets not forget what it looked like when I bought it:

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