Thursday, May 18, 2006

Got me some Stronglight Pulsions!

Look up bling in the urban dictionary and you might see a picture of these Stronglight Pulsion cranks. I just received these today from Molly Cameron at Veloshop in Portland.

I was originally going to be sporting a pair of FSA Superlights on my ethereal Tricross. But these weigh 36 grams less than the FSA Superlights and they look like they’ve been soaked in bling juice and then painted with pure sex.

The crankset as shown comes in at 419 grams:

Stronglight 130 BCD ISIS (including BB bolts) 337 grams
41t gold chainring 51 grams
FSA alloy chainring bolts 10 grams
FSA carbon chainring guard 21 grams

I’ve read that these cranks are extremely stiff as well as being super light as well. Although there have been some pics floating around on weightweenies that these things fall apart, I’ll take my chances with them.

Hopefully, I can get my bike built soon. I still need a fork. So if anyone has one they can sell me or cut me a deal on one for some free ad space on this site (Easton, 4za, Alpha Q) drop me an email and we’ll work something out.

What do you guys think of the cranks?

1 comment:

Josh and Barb said...

"Soaked in bling juice and painted in pure sex" You don't mind if I borrow that little gem from time to time, do you?

There was a pair of those cranks at Bike Odyssey, they're pretty darned light- maybe you can use that hole in the arm as a new place to grab the bike when you're trottin' thru the barriers! -j