Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New email subscription service

I was using Bloglet as my email subscription service in the past. Unfortunately it kinda sucked big time. I subscribed to my site, just to see how well it was working, and sometimes it sent out an email to notify that a new article had been posted to Plus One Lap and sometimes it didnt (mostly it didnt). So I've changed to a new email subscription service, Feedblitz.

Email subscription is much easier to use than a RSS or Atom reader (which I still might add if people want it---ie email me or comment if you would find it helpful). Basically, you subscribe to my blog using the subscribe me form on the right hand column of the page, and then whenever I post something new, you'll get an email notifying you of such. This is helpful because the site is updated randomly, therefore, you'll know when it is updated.

Hopefully, Feedblitz works better than Bloglet did.

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