Monday, May 01, 2006

Dont laugh part 2 (the tear down)

So, next was to tear the bike down. Taking off all the crap can be fun. Although, I recommend wearing latex gloves and opening a beverage of your choice. Wheels off first, then chain (which wouldnt fit into my Pedro's chain breaker, so I took two vice grips and twisted), then all the rest of the rusty dirty old parts. Its cool to greet bolt threads that havent seen the light of day since 1991.

Oh, and before I took anything off the bike, I weighed her.... 31.5 pounds.

When I went to get the cranks off, they werent happy with leaving their old friend and they stripped out my Park crank puller. That sucks. I'll take that to my LBS later. So everything is off the bike. I sorted the parts into what I might want to keep and what was definetly garbage. And this made it obvious what I still needed.

I realized that I had some parts that I could use for this build off of an 1979 Peugeot that I had already stripped some parts off of. Namely, the handlebars and brake levers.

Another matter to solve is gearing: I've narrowed down my drivetrain options to either run it 1x7 or singlespeed. The reason I say 1x7 is that it already has a 7 speed freewheel on the rear wheel, I could use the 7 speed rear derailleur that came with the bike as well, and all I would need to purchase was a 7 speed barcon shifter. I could also set it up as a singlespeed and still use the rear wheel (although it'd have to be redished) but I'd still need a freewheel "bmx" sprocket to screw onto it. And I like the option of having it geared better than mono-speed.

I threw on one of my cyclocross wheels and the clearance is great on the rear triangle.

Tomorrow comes the paint...

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