Sunday, August 19, 2007

Custom Cross #19: Yash's Hampsten

Good morning, my name is Yash Katsumi and I visit your site quite a bit. I just recently had a Hampsten Mudpig built by Hampsten via Co-Motion.

2007 Hampsten MudPig

Frame: Size 54cm, Reynolds 853 Tubing with a Pearly Mica White Paint
Fork: Alpha Q CX-20 painted

Race Wheels 1: Fast Fast Fast conditions...
Wheels: Shimano 6600 Ultegra hubs, DT spokes, Velocity Escape Tubular Rim
Cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace 7700 12-27
Tires: Dugast Typhoon 700X30

Race Wheels 2: Little rougher conditions...
Wheels: Reynolds Solitude Wheelset
Tires: Schwalbe 700x35 Fast Freddy Lite
Cassette: SRAM 970 12-26

Shifters:Shimano Dura-Ace STI, 7700
Front: Derailleur Shimano Dura-Ace 7700
Rear: Derailleur Shimano Dura-Ace 7700
Crank: Shimano Dura-Ace Ten speed with 48/38 FSA Rings
Bottom Bracket: Dura-Ace Ten speed
Pedals: EggBeaters Sl

Saddle: 2007 Specialized Alias 143mm
Seat Post: Ritchey WCS Aluminum
Handlebars: Ritchey WCS Aluminum Classic Bend 44cm, OS
Stem: Thomson X2 Silver 100mm
Headset: Chris King 1.125" Silver
Cable Hanger: IRD Long Drop
Brakeset: Shimano BR-550 with SwissStop GHP brake pads and Salsa Wide Yoke

Total weight 14 pounds + some number X.

I took it for a quick ride last night after building it. After riding a track bike for 4 months, it felt strange to have gears and to ride so upright. The bike feels twitchier than my specialized and I feel that I am more confident going around those slippery 180’s. There is some toe overlap, actually there appears to be a lot more than on my specialized, but I think it should be okay.

Some neat things: The rear brake boss is pretty trick, and it is not drilled to accept water bottle cages.

The frame is a Hampsten, built by Co-Motion.


Anonymous said...

if that bike is 14lbs I'll eat my hat

David said...

That is a pretty bike. No way is it 14 lbs though. More like 18-20 lbs as described, would be my guess.

Anonymous said...

I will second that comment, 14 lbs, maybe on a bathroom scale. Get out the Ultimate Brand Digital Scale and lets see how much it ways, oh maybe 14kg. JK.

Jeremy Burlingame said...

This is like more comments than have ever been posted on +1lap.

Yeah I didnt think it was actually, technically it says "14 plus some number X" I just assumed X=5 or so.

Notice it isnt in the lightweight gallery for a reason, its in the custom cyclocross gallery, cause its custom and bad ass.

Yash Katsumi said...

Ahh yes, that is my bad scientist humor. During grad school we would add the phrase "plus some number X" to our results set as a joke since our results were always so poor.

Jeremy is right on, I believe the weight is just around 19 lbs. on my bathroom scale. The fork is superlight at around a pound, but I did notice that with the SwissStop GHP pads, there is a bit of chatter in the fork, while the beefy fork on my speciliazed tricross never had any chatter.

Anonymous said...

It's all good, that is a smooth looking bike, how do you like it's ride compared to the tricross. As for the fork try a Reynolds CX, I used to use an Alpha Q for a few years which would also chatter then switched to the reynolds and have never experienced any chattering since.

Yash Katsumi said...

I may try the Reynolds next year since I have also heard nothing but great things about their cross forks. Hard for me to compare the Tricross and this bike since I have not ridden the Tricross since last December. The MudPig frame is heavier since it is steel, but the fork is lighter by half a pound. One thing I really do like are the tires. I am running them around 40 PSI, and they are so grippy. I have always used 30mm tires and the tires on there now are 35mm. I will have two bikes, one with a 30mm tire, and the other with 35mm. This season I hope to learn more about the perfect tires to use for which occasions.

Scott said...

I have an 853 cross bike that I just built up (Voodoo Wazoo) and so far it's 19.5 lbs....I almost spit my coffee out when I saw the same tubeset coming in 5 lbs lighter!!!!! Mind you, my rig isn't Dura-ace but still...

I plan to drop some weight with the Origin8 fork (about the same as the WCS fork) and some lighter tires.

I rode an ultra stiff and uncomfortable aluminum rig last year and hated it. I'm willing to have a smoother ride that's a bit heavier. If I can get this bike close in weight to last year's (which was about 17 lbs all told) I'll be pretty psyched.

See you at the races!