Monday, August 13, 2007


I shot this video like two years ago. The guy up front is Rich Maille. Note how quickly he comes into the barriers and how little he slows down.

btw---The mountain biker won the race.


Anonymous said...

Just to keep everything strait Rich was on his single speed and I do believe he also won Districts that year with only one gear, riding against all the other competators with geared bikes. You gotta give props where props are due.

Jeremy Burlingame said...

No doubt, Rich is awesome, thats why I posted a pic of him going into the barriers for us all to study and emulate.

gwadzilla said...


if he would do better with gears...

he should ride with gears

I am sure he is awesome

I love single speeds
love to ride them
love to race them

but if it disadvantages the racer
they may want to question their drive

fashion or function

Jeremy Burlingame said...

My guess is that Rich wanted a challenge, iirc, he had won a few of those Sacramento Cross races already that season. And, I forgot the mtb's name but from what I was told he was an ex pro.

Thats just what I was told.

toxonix said...

Aw, come on that would have been an easy gap jump. Spring and tuck. Feet never woulda touched the ground.