Friday, September 15, 2006

Singlespeed: Thats better

Yeah so posted my SS CX bike a week ago or so, here. Well, its more "done" now. New stem, Cinelli Grammo. Also added a homemade chain tensioner, new brake pads, via Helvetia Sports, the Swisstop Rats.

The rear wheel is new too, redished and respaced to be used singlespeed. I still need to glue it on, its in the strech process.

I think it looks a lot better, and with the homemade chain tensioner, I can run various chainrings and cogs without strife.

btw---20.7 lbs total.

BUT....The wheels are pretty light. My old training clinchers weighed 2950 grams total (wheels, tires, tubes, gear, skewers)

This new pair weigh 2262 grams (1.51 lbs lighter)!! Thats a lot.

note: front tubular not shown in pictures above.

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jeremyb said...

I ditched the chain tensioner, and shortened the chain.

I tried a 18,19 and 20t cog and they all work with the same length chain.