Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Im not OCD

Im really not OCD. Anyone whose seen the inside of my car will attest to that. But yesterday I added a little more blue accent to my Dura Ace cranks.



If it gets screwed up during the season, oh well, I'm not going to touch it up. But was bored and thought this looked cool.


Zoo said...

lol, sweet job

Jeremy Burlingame said...

Thanks Dave, yeah I ordered some blue alloy crank mounting bolts and some blue alloy canti mounting bolts as well. Lighter and better looking!

DYG said...

Jeremy: Where do you get alloy bolts from? Thanks.

Jeremy Burlingame said...

i got them from redmist, youll have to google it.

Ive bought from racebolts before too, but their alloy bolts didnt seem as strong, the threads stripped fairly easily under any kind of load.