Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Usenet archives

Surfing the web for an article I read a few years ago (and still havent refound), I refound something else I read a few years ago. Its an archive of some pretty cool discussions between some guys like Sheldon Brown, Jobst Brandt etc.

Like, "MACHINED RIMS! This has got to be the stupidest idea since hard anodizing. My rims are machined the first time I ride in the rain, and who needs it. Rims have been made without machining certainly for more than 50 years with imperceptible joints."--Jobst Brandt

{link to the UseNet archives}

From fork failures to tire aging, these guys discussed a lot of things. These archives are from the rec.bicycles newsgroups of the mid to late 90's, but still a lot of good info there.

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