Sunday, July 02, 2006

Custom Cross #6: Jeromy's Bontrager

Jeromy's got a vintage handbuilt Bontrager CX ride to be added to the handbuilt gallery. This bike looks cool, mainly because it looks like it gets ridden.

The specs are:
Frame: Bontrager
Fork: Steelman
Cranks: Shimano
Stem: Salsa
Bars: Salsa Bell Laps
Saddle: WTB
Pedals: Shimano

Jeromy said:
"I'll be stoked to see my bike there once posted. I'll be adding in the near future a threadless king headset along with a fork and stem, probably pauls brakes, we'll see. Right now, the bike is great and really doesn't need upgrading, just on the decents with the old style headset the fork chatter could be eliminated with a king threadless headset for sure. But it's pretty cool vintage 1" quill, don't you think?"

I've always had a thing for those Salsa stems. Cool looking ride.

If you have a handbuilt cyclocross bike email it to me at


Anonymous said...

Is Jeromy running s single ring up front? That Bridgestone in the back looks pretty cool too.


Jeremy Burlingame said...

yeah looks like a single ring to me.