Friday, July 21, 2006

Ebay Cyclocross

Update: Thanks folks, all the stuff is sold. I got $710 for my frame and fork, which I think is a decent price for both myself and the buyer.

If youre looking for some good prices on some cross stuff, check out these Ebay bargains.

The first is my Tricross frame and Alpha Q fork, my move to Portland and lack of finances is forcing the sell. Link.

The second is my buddy, Josh's, Rocklobster, as in the #4 bike on the Plus One Lap Gallery, Rocklobster. He gets a new bike every year, so pick this one up. note: If you buy this and build it up into a lightweight cross bike, you can still send it in the +1lap to be added to the lightweight gallery. Link.

Third, is my set of Triple ti Eggbeater pedals. Link.

Last, is my set of Stronglight Pulsions. 175mm, ISIS, 130 bcd. Link.

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