Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Single Ring on a Cyclocross bike

I like the single ring setup. Yes, it doesnt give you the ultimate range in gears, but it makes up for that in many other ways. does a good write up on the ins and outs of a single ring cyclocross bike: "Partially for simplicity, partially for a little extra clearance, and mostly because it just makes sense. We will get into the math a bit later but first lets see what modifications you will need to convert your stead to a single front chainring."

The single ring conversion is pretty straight forward. First of all we need to remove the front shifter, front derailleur and all the cables associated with them. This is a very basic process that will require the use of a few allen wrenches, depending on your current shifter and front derailleur selections.

The next step is to remove your outer and inner chainrings. This will require you to take the drive side crank arm off the bike to access and remove the inner ring. Tools required for this process vary according to what crank arm you are using. If you have questions on what tool will aid in the removal of your crank arm you can E-mail me and I'll send you a link to the correct tool.

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