Friday, February 24, 2006

Carbon Cantilever Brake Arms are finished

So, the first set of carbon cantilever brake arms have been completed. The arms themselves dont look like they rolled out the latest high tech factory----and thats probably because they havent. They look pretty good though I think. I finished the second arm yesterday, then sprayed them both with a clear coat (which added 3 grams). Still left is to epoxy the brass sleeves in place, and make the titanium springs. Also, I'm tuning the brake pads as well with some aluminum bolts, which I have yet to order.

Brass might seem a heavy item to put on these brakes, but each sleeve weighed about 1 gram, and they fit perfectly, and they were a lot easier than trying to fabricate a carbon sleeve to put in there. Also, brass is pretty weatherproof, so thats good.
I have some ideas on version 2, on how to make these look a little better, primarily I'd like to try a female mold instead of a male mold.

If I hadnt posted that I was even attempting this project, I'm not sure I would have ever got this far, so thanks to all you of whom come to this site.


Anonymous said...

cool, as a newbee, what's the weight difference from what you have on the bike already?

jeremyb said...

Well, the Paul Neo Retro's for a pair came in at about 150 grams. Mine will be right around 70 grams for the pair. So 80 grams per pair---160 grams complete bike, thats about 1/3 lb lighter. And a lot cheaper too.

Josh Snead said...

Well, it certainly seems that you've been making the best of your unemployment time! Isn't not going to work grand! The brakes look really cool, can't wait to see the finished product. -josh

jeremyb said...

yeah thanks josh, i think they look better in person, than in the photo. Hopefully, I'll have them on the bike soon.

canis said...

You can probably produce these and sell em to make up for the unemployment.