Friday, February 03, 2006

Light Cyclocross Bike #6: Dave's K2 proto

Numero Seis is Dave's "Giant" cyclocross bike, Dave says, "its a prototype K2 frame that we (i used to work at K2) made for Jonny Sundt. never hit production. My team is sponsored by giant so thats why the Giant decals. :)" Pretty cool. BTW, whatever happened to Sundt?

Frame- Kinesis prototype K2, Kinesium tubing w/ carbon seat stay, 56/56
Fork- Alpha Q
Wheels- Zipp 303
Tires- Challenge Grifo 34'
QR- Mavic
BB- FSA Isis Ti
Cranks-FSA Carbon Pro 38/46 w/ 3rd eye (recently replaced w/ new Dura Ace)
Pedals- Time Atac carbon Ti
Brakes- Spooky w/ Ti bolts
Empella chicken levers (being removed for next season)
Brakepads- Koolstop black
F Der.- Dura Ace
RDer.- Dura Ace
Shifters- Dura Ace (R) Ultegra (L) 9spd
Cassette- Dura Ace 12-27
Bars- FSA RD 200 44's
Bartape- Deda
Seatpost- FSA SLK
Saddle- FSA (San Marco Era design)
Stem- FSA OS 115
Headset- Cane Creek IS integrated w/ carbon spacers

Total weight: 17.8 lbs/8.07 kg

This bike/frame probably has another full season or two in it & I think our team deal with Giant may be ending. So, next year will probably bring new paint & new decals for whatever bike manufacturer we get. These frames handle & ride like no other so I'll be on them until they break or wear out. :)



Anonymous said...

This is a very solid race rig, the DA cranks will be a nice upgrade. I had a Columbus Foco Taylor frame that had those seat stays, can't say they made any ride quality difference but for that steel frame they were actually lighter than the steel stays that would have been used. Good to hear that you're getting rid of those silly extra brake levers. Cheers! -josh

Anonymous said...

I actually had the Dura Ace cranks on for the last couple of races,way stiffer. As for the carbon stays on the alum rig, its a HUGE difference on bumpy grassy courses like StarCross, especially with an alum frame. I can see where you wouldnt notice to much on a steel ride. As for all the discussions on chicken levers early last fall (I was for em), I found myself not using them much at all this past season. Wierd how that works. :)

Anonymous said...

What happened to Johnny Sundt? Ask Josh - he can tell you all about him...

Basically he became a part-time Elite racer, race promoter (Star-crossed) and a part-time hothead (I was going to use a stronger word but then realized if I identify myself I may be endangering myself).

Anyhow, on my two forays into the NW in 2004 (GP races and '04 Natz) I got to see him "in action". In the Tacoma Elite race Josh came around him cleanly and Johnny started going OFF on him calling him a "f**king faggot" and all this other shit. When my group passed him he was spouting all kinds of obscenities.

At 2004 Elite Nationals I passed Sundt (again, cleanly) on lap 2 in the mud. He actually took his hand off the bars and threatened to hit me. I just kind of looked at him and kept going...

He didn't race very well and I wonder if that the source of his frustrations. I have since heard more stories of him being a hothead. I did meet him off the bike once (03 Nats Promoters mtg) and he seemed fairly nice...

Anonymous said...

This is funny, i just logged on to answer Jeremy's question about Sundt since i just noticed it. Looks like someone beat me to it. :) Gato does have a rep as a hothead & most of it comes from being insanely crazy about his sport. I've know Jonny since he was a young cocky Jr. exp mtn bike racer. Now he is a older cocky pro road racer. :) He's a good guy if you know him personally but yes, he can be a total jack ass if you dont. I talked to him briefly last week out our seattle cross meeting & then again today at my work. He's planning a full asault on cross for this fall & sounds pretty serious. For the past few years he's been pretty burned out from a full road season but his goal this year is to be fresh come fall. I hope it works for him because when El Gato is on form, he's definitely fun to watch. Oh yeah, he's leaving Thursday for some stage race in Mexico & if anyone happens to see him on a sweet carbon bike, i just traded that frame to him for the last two K2 El Gato cross frames. :)