Friday, January 27, 2006

World Champs this weekend

This weekend is the Cyclocross World Championships. I got my Giganews account this morning, just in time I think. Im hoping that I will be able to load the race onto this website for all to view. (note: if you want your own Giga News account so that you can watch the World Champs and all the other Euro-CX races of the season, click on the link and you get a 3 day free trial). So because I've got GigaNews now, I'm downloading the Hoogeheide race from 1/22. A member on weight weenies said that Johnathan Page was finally riding the carbon Cervelo thats been talked about for a long time now. I havent seen a picture make it to the internet yet. I contacted Cervelo and their reply was:

Hello Jeremy,

We have not gone public with any information about a Cervelo cross bike
at this point in time. If a bike does develop it would undoubtedly be a
tremendous bike that will rock the cross world and would probably
warrant an entire E news newsletter on it.

If that happens and one is interested one might sign up for our
newsletter to get new news first hand.

Thank you for your interest in Cervelo.


Chris, customer service
Cervelo Cycles Inc.

Im hoping by downloading the video of the race, I might catch a glimpse of the new frame. If I do, ill be sure to post a vidcap of the bike.


Anonymous said...

How did you get to the cx movies? couldnt figure it out.

Jeremy Burlingame said...

this is taken from the RBR forum from a forum member named Cyndi1976. Below are instructions, taken from:

WINDOWS USERS For dummies, by dummies

Step One: Go to and fork out 12 bucks a month for an account (don't get the cheap one)

Step Two: Go to and download their News Reader software (free trial)

Step Three: Install News Bin, tell it you have an account at giganews by entering the giganews server name ( along with your user id and password

Step Four: Open Newsbin, go to group menu, select group options, find alt.binaries.multimedia.sports, check it, click OK

Step Five: right click on the a.b.multimedia.sports that has just appeared in the left-hand pane and choose "download all headers"

Step Six: wait until it is done, then type cyclocross in the box next to the find/clear buttons. You'll now have your list of cyclocross files

Step Seven: Choose which video you want first, Kalmthout World Cup, for example. That video has 37 files to download, highlight all of them, right click, and choose "Add to download list"

Step Eight: Now you need to get WIN RAR. Go to, download and install the free trial.

Step Nine: Open WINRar, go to the FILE menu, choose "Open Archive" and browse to Program Files\NBPro\DOWNLOAD (this is where the files you downloaded in step seven are located). Choose the .rar file called Part01, click OK. Right click on this file and choose "Extract to Specified Folder". Select your desktop and click OK. Wait for WINRAR to extract the file, when it is done you should have an MPG on your desktop that you can now play in the MPG viewer of your choice.

For more info about UseNet and Newsreaders go to and read the tutorial. Special thanks to Ed Raket for posting all of the cyclocross videos to the newsgroup.

Anonymous said...

It would be awesome if you could post some cross videos on here!