Monday, January 23, 2006

Tuesday Ramblings

1/23/06 So im jobless now and sitting at home searching ebay and the web for all things cyclocross related as well as playing my PS2 here and there. Im developing a build list for my A bike which is going to be the single ring bike.

Because the Trek frame is black, I'm going to run with the black colors but with a gold accent theme. Items im thinking that will be gold are: headset, hubs, handlebar tape, and maybe gold aluminum bolts here and there. Originally I wanted to put on gold Nokon brake and shift housing, but after doing some more reading, it doesnt seem like Nokons are worth their price, with corrosion issues some people have had with them. And because this bike is going to get ultra wet and muddy, corrosion could easily be possible. I already have Nokons on my road bike, but it doesnt see much foul weather. Im looking into the Jagwire Ripcord housing as a lighter weight alternative.

A bike spec list:
Frame: Trek X01 56c (1550 grams)
Fork: Woundup (590 grams)---for right now as I already have it
Bars: Prima 199 42cm (192 grams)
Stem: Syntace F99 with ti bolts (96 grams)
Cranks: FSA Carbonpro 172.5mm (~420 grams)
Chain ring: 42t (52)
Chainring guard: FSA Carbon (19 grams)
Derailleur: Dura Ace (196)
Front Derailleur: none, will use NGear Jumpstop (26 grams)
Bottom Bracket: American Classic 113mm with aluminum FSA bolts (172 grams)
Seatpost: Thompson--want it strong (210? grams)
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR (140 grams)
Pedals: Candy Ti (253 grams)--the candy 4ti's would look sweet but too much $$$
Right Brifter: Ultegra STI (246 grams)
Left brake lever:
Brakes: Paul Neo Retro/Touring combo (266 grams)
Handlebar tape: not sure brand, either black or gold (~60 grams)
Wheels: will be the V1.1 build im planning. Mavic OR-10's pictured in another post as well as maybe King hubs or American Classic Front micro hub and King rear.
Skewers: control tech bolt on ti (48.6 grams)
Computer: Sigma 1200 (37 grams)
Headset: Orbit X (113 grams)

Items I'm still needing for this bike are: Thompson post, handlebar tape, Cranks, Headset, wheelset/hubset, and SLR saddle.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jemery, i've been lurking on your blog for a while after linking it up on weightweenies and RBR. The build looks good, mine will be similar but Campy. The one thing I would change is deffinitly either swap the ocntrol tech bolt ons or run a lot of sealant in your tufos. I rolled a tubular tire in a race last season and what should have been an easy pit swap lost me a lot of time because of control tech bolt ons. The new M2 Racer ones look good and light though, I'm gonan get a pair. I'll tell you how well they function.