Monday, January 16, 2006


So the 2005 cyclocross season is long gone and im beginning to think forward to 2006. This year i took a gear head jump and had a pit bike. The advantages of this helped me several times when my "race" bike had issues. However, I'm going to pursue the pit bike mentality even more in 2006.

First, both frames will be identical. And all measurements will be identical as well as the other important stuff. Such as saddles, stems and stem lengths, pedals, crank length, bar width and front forks.

However, the two bikes wont be identical. One is planned for a jungle cross type race course. And the other will be built for flatter and faster races.

During the 2005 season, my bike was primarily set up for the latter racing conditions (flat and fast courses) and as a result I felt overgeared with too narrow of tires.

So the bikes will be set up as follows:

A bike: Single chainring 42 tooth. gearing a 12/26 rear cog.

B bike: Double chainring 46/39. With Cross top brake levers. 34c tubular tires.

As a result, I will have two bikes that feel very similiar, however, they will be built with differing intentions which will hopefully give me more comfort and security in race conditions.

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