Wednesday, January 18, 2006


So last night I tore down my two cx bikes with the intention of weighing them, swapping some parts around and cleaning them up.

What I found was that on one of my bikes, the removable rear derailleur hanger was very loose. I was having problems shifting in my last race and this is probably why, originally I thought it was all of the straw stuck in my rear dearilleur that was lodged mid-race.

Also I discovered that my Trek X01 56cm weighs 1550 grams and my 56c 2001 Specialized weighs 1640 grams. Just for a reference my Optimo Cannondale road bike in a 58c weighs 1330 grams. All other weights were recorded after the parts were lying on the ground. Originally, I was going to try and find another Specialized from that era (no cash for the new Specialized frames) but now that the weight of the Trek is lighter I may try and find one of those. Another alternative is I'm looking into the Redline Conquest Pro's which can be had new for $400 each. I figure after I sell my two frames, that price isnt so bad.

On the other hand, if I just buy a new Trek X01, the money I save could be applied to two carbon matching forks. We'll see. Money is a factor, but I have a mtn bike in my garage (in pieces) that I want to sell---which I could maybe get $400- $500 for.

I figured today that by going single ring I could save 297 grams (.65 lbs) over the double ring setup I have now. The only question is, thats using my super high tech 1980's technology of Modolo Kronos brake levers (hint: the levers are completely plastic-esqe and only weigh 65 grams a lever) As a comparison, my Dura Ace STI shifter weighs 220 grams and my Ultegra weighs 246 grams. We'll see how they do, and I'll let you know. This might sound slightly egotistical, but it MAY be the first time a Modolo Kronos lever has pulled on a Paul's Neo Retro cantilever brake.

I'll also be using the NGear Jumpstop.

As well as a Carbon chainring guard. Or I might just grind down an old Chainring and apply drillium technology to it. It'll depend on how cool it looks and how much it weighs. For sure it'll be cheaper than $70.

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