Sunday, June 04, 2006

Wash your gloves

So, this weekend, I went through a lot of my boxes in the back bedroom and threw away a lot of crap. In one of the boxes, was an old pair of cycling gloves. I remembered them from a few years ago, and they stunk. Sweat, grease, dirt, snot and god knows what else combined make a bad smell. I dont know if youre supposed to wash gloves, I never have, I've never heard of anyone doing it, but I did.

It was pretty simple, I put some hot water into my sink, squirted some Dr Bronners soap in as well and scrubbed the two gloves together. When the water turns to chocolate milk, its time to drain and repeat. The second time it looked a little less brown. Then I put them out in the sun to dry. And now they seem as good as new.

This isnt rocket science and I wont win a Pulitzer or a Webby for this article, but I've never read of someone washing their cycling gloves. Maybe its just so common that no one thought they had to write a moronic article----but this is the internet.

Anyway, if your gloves stink wash them. They wont disintegrate, melt, shrink or anything else. Ride on.


Anonymous said...

Another good way is to put your gloves the mesh bags women use to wash their lingerie in the washing machine. Just do it on a gentle cycle and then let them air dry. I'll do all my bike clothes at once and by putting my gloves in the bags ti keeps the velcro from roughiing up the lycra and tearing the gloves.

Anonymous said...

I just chuck them straight in the washing machine, then hang them on the clothes airer. No harm done.

Josh and Barb said...

Oh, god. Just throw them in the laundry with everything else, and velcro them to one another so they don't disappear. I wash my gloves just as much as I wash my shorts. Yeah, every time I wear them, sheesh. Grossest post so far, good work Jeremy! -josh

jeremyb said...

Yeah, guess everyone did know this little fact except for me. Why didnt you guys tell me before?

Would it surprise you then that I used to wear cotton tightie whities under my cycling shorts for the first year or two of my cycling days?

megA said...

the sweat in the summer and the snot in the winter=wash after every ride!