Saturday, June 10, 2006

Finally, got my fork!

Yeah so I've had this badass frame sitting in a boring old box for the last who knows how many months, waiting for a fork. Last week, I decided to go ahead with the build with my Woundup fork. Then, I got a pretty killer deal on an Alpha Q cx fork, bought it, got it today, and now finally the build is on!

Im excited, this should be a cool bike once its done, and I think I have all the parts necessary now. The Alpha Q wasnt much lighter than the Woundup, but it looks pretty cool, and it was a little lighter. The fork came in at 550 grams (including the starnut) in a steerer tube length of 208mm.

Im selling my Woundup on the


Anonymous said...

Nice looking tricross.
Looks like mine!
Do you know the weight of the original equipment specialized fork?

jeremyb said...

yeah go to my weight list wiki at for a lot of weights

but it was 732 grams with 229 mm of steerer.

Anonymous said...

Hope the build goes along well for you. I'd like to know, after you've done some rides, whether the new Alphas chatter like the older ones did. Hard braking under a reasonable load would cause the chatter and it kept me away from them.
Also, There's a big ass cross race in Illinois next month. Would love to see somthin' like that here.

skymtnboy said...

Hi -
**great blog!!**
Am about to build my first cross bike.

Thinking 05 or 06 Major Jake and build up around that (CF fork) and other light bits.

Anyone suggest alternative frames to consider?

Want fast & light but needs to be reasonable in $$. (up to $1k)


jeremyb said...

yeah ive heard only good things about the jake frames....keep your eye on ebay---good prices pop up there all the time.