Monday, March 13, 2006

Specialized Tricross build is going strong.

So, I guess I never reported about the details of my new Specialized Tricross Sworks frame/fork. Well I've got it, and weighed it as well as some other parts that are going on this build...

The Tricross cyclocross frame came in at 1412 grams for a 56cm frame (which I'm very happy with). My older Specialized M4 CX frame weighs 1650 grams for the same size. The anodizing on the new TriCross helps with the weight a good deal, also it looks really cool, and there is never any paint to chip off. The fork really isnt worth mentioning, but with that said, I'm going to dedicate a ranting post on it another day.

I've also received my FSA Superlight cranks. The weight of these came in at 373 grams for just the arms in a 172.5 length.

The KMC-SL gold chain came in the mail last week, this is a ti-ni coated chain which gives it that gold coloring. (its possible that im getting a matching aluminum gold cassette to match, which would be a pretty sweet combo I think, for the race only wheels)

My pedals for 2006 will be the Triple ti Eggbeaters by Crank Brothers. I've really enjoyed my Candy sl and candy ti pedals for the last year or two, and am excited about trying out the Eggs. The weight for these was 180 grams (72 grams less than my Candy Ti's)

I'll start putting these parts onto the bike over the next week, and updating Plus One Lap as I do, stay tuned (or better yet do the free Bloglet subscription located in the right column and it'll let you know when I do).


Anonymous said...

Which wheels will you use?

Jeremy Burlingame said...

I am most likely going to be building up a set of wheels to be used. Not only do I not have the money for a set of Zipp 404/Stratus DV/Lightweights, but I'd look dumn racing those wheels in the Mens B category. I have the Mavic OR-10 (gold tubular rims) mated to American Classic Micro front hub and maybe a Tune or King rear hub. These wheels still havent been built, and I still need the hubs. If anyone has these send me an email, and lets make a deal.

Anonymous said...

I never set up a set of wheels becuase I haven't time to do it.

I'm every day looking for lightest wheels and trying it in ciclox.

Now I've these sets of wheels:
-Reynolds Stratus DL-UL (1.130gr, quite good, some rear spoke broken)
-Extralite UltraClim SPZ (920gr, quite good, much rear spoke broken)
-HED Stinger 5.0 (1.400gr, very heavy, jumping brake)
-American Classic (1.080gr, carbon rim brake easy, now I use it only in road)
-Tune Olympic Gold (1.050gr, only one race, I dont't now yet)
-Campagnolo Bora (1.330gr, very good, quite heavy)

This year I'll set up another two Colnago C50 and perhaps I'll buy one set of Bore for each.

Now I'm thinking about buying one pair of Lightweight Ventoux (950gr), very light and, I think, very good.

That's all.