Friday, March 24, 2006

More homemade projects

So, recently ive been working on a few projects. These include gutting out a Dura Ace STI lever and making my own carbon saddle.

But until I get those projects done and up on Plus One Lap, I'm going to link to some other sites who have completed some pretty cool homemade projects.

Timbo's got some pretty cool stuff he's made from carbon including a saddle/seatpost combo, a bottle cage and a carbon flightdeck case. The only critique I have about his mods are it doesnt sound like he can actually use them. Functionality would increase the cool factor. Timbo's site.

Samu's Kitchen: Samu has some very cool projects that he's working on including a carbon time trial bike. Other projects have included saddle/seatpost combo and a standard seatpost. Samu's Kitchen


Anonymous said...

Dude, I have enjoyed yer site, a little quirky, but enlightening.
Do you actually find time to ride?

jeremyb said...

well yes, im actually training for a lot of things now (went flatwater kayaking today, running the day before and cycling before that). so yes, i took a lot of time off of training after the last cross season, but am in the full swing now.