Thursday, March 09, 2006

Improvements made and planned...

So, I've made some small changes to Plus One Lap over the last month or so and I want to continue making positive changes that improve my reader's enjoyment of the site.

As you might have noticed, there is now a page dedicated to the Lightweight Cyclocross bikes that have been sent in here. I am always interested in posting new bikes on the site and have no troubles in updating your lightweight cyclocross bike, if youre not sending in your bike because its "not quite perfect" right now. It willl never be perfect, thats why you come here and obsess like I do and look for cool ideas and new technoligies that are emerging. So send in your sub 18 pound cyclocross bike now and when you make it a little more perfect send me some pics and I'll update it then too. I'm always happy to see improvements made to already sweet rides.

Also, I've added a subscription option through Bloglet, this is also located on the right toolbar (it is a free service). By entering your email address, you will get an email announcing when a new post has been made to Plus One Lap. This email will also contain a small snippet of what the post is about. The idea behind this subscription is so that you wont have to come check back to see what additions I have made to the site, Bloglet will let you know that. Because this site is updated at the most 3-4 times a week, your email bin wont get flooded.

Some concepts I have for the future are to accept other cyclocross bikes that people have. One such idea that has come to mind is handbuilt steel rides under 20 lbs. As I think sub 20lb steelies are still fun to look at, and the 20lb weight limit will still keep with the lightweight idea in some regards. However, this site will never have a gallery for stock 23 lb bikes, as I think this exists a great as it is already. Also the idea of cyclocross factory tours or independent frame builder's tours is also a doable and interesting idea. I'd like to have some editorial from some other people on Plus One Lap. Such as a TOTAL beginner's "diary" about their racing experience. Or an A category/pro rider's perspective on race preparation and racing in the world of Cyclocross.

Really, I want this to be THE cyclocross website out there one the web, the one where everyone comes to for the latest cyclocross news,events, technology etc. I am always looking for new information related to cyclocross in any way, so if you have an idea of something you want to see, some information to share with me, or any other inqueries, email me at (remove the IHATESPAM----thats to fool the spam bots).

However, in that pursuit to be THE source, I am not interested in replicating something someone has already mastered out there on the web. I have had thoughts about a classified ad section, or a forum, but this exists as it is and I'm not sure what improvements I could make to the status quo. Perhaps when the traffic on this site is high enough, something of that regard will be understandable.

This site is designed to be viewed with Firefox. Explorer is crap compared to Firefox. Youre only excuse is that youre on your work computer and thats whats installed at the jobsite, everyone else, go here and download it. At least give it a try, it'll import all your favorites, blocks pop-ups very well and is less susceptible to hacking and spam than Explorer.

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