Saturday, December 09, 2006

Light Cross Bike #27: Tony's Ridley

Another lightweight Ridley cyclocross bike for the gallery. I like the looks of these things.

Hey Jeremy, here’s my Ridley. This build came in at 16.55lbs. The other pic is with back up wheels . Helium Tubies with Challenge grifo 34’s. Look forward to seeing my ride on PlusOne.

Build list

Ridley Crosswind 2007

FSA integrated headset

Ritchey WCS stem 110

Ritchey BIOMax 44cm

Dura Ace 7700 shifter/brake levers

Dura Ace Rear/Front der.

Dura Ace 12-27 cassette

FSA Carbon Compact Cranks 50/42

Eggbeater 3Ti pedals

American Classic BB 108

Bontrager XXX Carbon seatpost

Specialized Toupe 143 saddle

4ZA seat collar

4ZA Python Carbon fork

Spooky brakes / SwissStop yellow pads

Zipp 303 wheels Sapim spokes / CX ray Tufo Flexus 32’s

Backup wheels: Helium Tubies with Challenge Grifo 34’s

Tufo Flexus 32

Thanks Tony, if any readers have a sub 18lb rig or a custom made cyclocross bike send me an email at


gwadzilla said...

what is happening?
just out scanning the web looking for some cyclocross handlebar options

as i am a mountain biker I am less than comfortable on the drops

I have the cross levers on the bar
I was wonder if anyone has any recommendations for various bar options
something more suited for cross than a standard mountain bike bar

gwadzilla said...

from the Mid Atlantic this guy peter has been making some Cross Videos

I look forward to his season wind up

Daniel said...

Check out the On-one Midge bars. I haven't tried them myself, but have heard good things about them.