Thursday, December 21, 2006

This is what I learned this cyclocross season...

I learned that the Portland cyclocross scene is pretty badass. That the competition is super stiff and fast. That singlespeed racing is tough but that it is fun. And wondering what gearing to use is pretty much over when the gun goes off---its just slog it out and go time. That "go time" means something different in Portland than it does in Sacramento. That training like a few hours a week on a base of little training doesnt equal a very good placing or very strong legs.

I learned that being on a team is fun and that teammates cheering can often push you harder than you might have pushed yourself. That beer and cyclocross really do together like peanut butter and chocolate as well as mud and cyclocross. Getting lapped sucks, but getting lapped twice in the same race by the same guy blows. That steel is real.

That I have to enter the next season in better shape to slog it out with the Portland masses.

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Ryan said...

And from your post, I learned that in Portland they have traffic cones the size of full-grown men!