Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Brake pads for carbon cross rims

If you use Spooky or Empella cantilever brakes and also like to use carbon rims, smooth-post-canti-style-carbon-approved brake pads might be a thing you wish you had. Now you can.

Swisstop is now selling these, look for them at a retailer near you or contact the North American Distributor, a tipster sent me this:


Greg K from Boulder said...

I can vouch for these pads thus far, although brand new to me. I am running them on a set of FSA 488's this season. The training runs I've done on them (I try not to fully train on these wheels but did some hard laps on them the other day after I set them up) were excellent albeit in totally dry conditions. They modulate exactly like my fat Empella pads on my ceramic rims. I have zero idea how they are going to respond in the wet but the moment it rains, I am going to get out in some mud on these to get a feel.

Molly said...