Friday, August 11, 2006

Stolen Gunnar Crosshairs

Look out for this guys stolen Gunnar in Portland:

Another goodie that was forcefully taken from my home today: '05 Gunnar Crosshairs, 'monarch orange' I think it is called, mostly 105 components, black WTB Rocket V saddle (silver and black) with Ritchey WCS post, FSA cranks (175), Time Atac pedals, Shimano wheels with Ritchey Excavader tites, Ritchey bars with blue bar tape, Frog blinkie light, gray Pearlizumi saddle bag.

Please call 503 701 6485 if you see any of this or preferably the whole bike.

A reward of dinner for two anywhere in Portland if I can get this bike or my Pegoretti Duende or my Kelly Knobby X single speed back.


1 comment:

Greg from Boulder CO said...

Dude WTF?!?!? Are you kidding? That beyond sucks and I hope you get it back. I dunno how sophisticated your thieves were but obviously prowl eBar and CraigsList for the next few days unless these junkie pieces of sh_t are selling them for their fix.