Sunday, April 02, 2006

My Excel build 15.00 pounds planned

So, in a comment left by a reader of Plus One Lap, it was asked if I could post my build sheet of my planned bike. Currently, the build is scheduled for 15.00 pounds. Although, I'm still trying to source some of the parts (carbon fork primarily). The excel spreadsheet lists the Kuota Mud, but now im leaning toward the 4ZA Python. I've got the Powercordz for the rear derailleur, but still
need the Powercordz for the brakes. Also, I still need to make a couple of the small carbon things like the top cap and bar end plugs. Lastly, when the bike is built Paul Neo Retro's will be going on the front, until I assess what changes I will make to the second set of carbon cantilevers that I'll be making.

Anyway, the build list is here.

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