Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The average gallery weight

So, there are currently 12 lightweight cyclocross bikes in the +1 lap gallery (making it the largest lightweight cyclocross gallery in the "known world" to quote American Idol's Randy Jackson). I took an average of those bikes and they come out to 16.48 lbs. I find this fairly impressive considering that it is about 5 pounds lighter than the typical stock cyclocross bike that rolls out of the local bike shop. To say the least, these bikes are ahead of the bell curve for bike weights on the line at the local cyclocross race.

It intrigues me that more manufacturer's havent embraced cyclocross weight weenie'ism the way its been embraced by the road or mountain bike sections of cycling. Hopefully, in the future, manufacturers will begin to outfit bikes that come stock at a weight that will earn them a spot in the Plus One Lap gallery (sub 18 lbs).

Until then, just wanted to say thanks for the submissions I've received thus far, there are a lot of cool bikes in the gallery, and hopefully more people will be sending in their bikes soon, as the cyclocross season rapidly approaches (maybe youre just like me and have your cyclocross bikes in pieces stuffed in your closet and laying on the floor in your back bedroom) If so, I'm willing to assume that the gallery submissions will skyrocket at about the end of September and early October of this year as the season will be then upon us.

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