Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bryan's Bianchi Cyclocross conversion

Bryan sent me some photos of his Bianchi conversion which started out as a road bike. He powdercoated a Salsa stem to match. For anyone out there considering such a conversion, maybe this will you push you over the edge.


Love your site and your Colnago and Raleigh builds. I thought maybe you'd like to see my bike of a similar nature. It started life as a Bianchi Nuovo Racer with a nice wide flat fork crown that I stripped down, brazed on canti studs and powdercoated. It's got a full build of 9-speed Dura Ace with XT brakes. Don’t worry, I’ve got other wheels, I just liked the looks of these for the photo! It’s a reasonable weight of an honest 21 pounds ready to ride.

It’s not my regular race bike, but does see use in our weekly series. It also has full fenders and a rack colored to match for commuting and some good randonneur style. It’s pretty much a perfect multi-use bike!


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