Friday, August 06, 2010


Seattle, WA -  August 6, 2010 -- Low Pressure Promotions, LLC and Washington
Unified Single Speeders, LLC (WUSS) are excited to announce that the winner
of the Raleigh Bicycles Single Speed race at StarCrossed p/b Stanley - A
brand of PMI will automatically qualify for the final at the Single Speed
Cyclocross World Championships (SSCXWC). Seattle will be hosting SSCXWC on
October 23rd and 24th with qualifying for the championship held on Saturday,
October 24th.

Zac Daab, co-promoter of StarCrossed, boasted, "We now host the second most
important single speed cyclocross race in the world.  Avoiding the riggers
of the qualifying process for the final at SSCXWC could be quite an
advantage for the winner of StarCrossed (Single Speed)."

A limited number of riders will be given the privilege to race in the
championship race on Sunday, October 24th. Currently over 225 riders are
pre-register for the weekend's festivities so the qualifier is mandatory in
order to secure a spot in the race on Sunday, October 24th.  SSCXWC will be
offering "repechage" opportunities during the many events planned on
Saturday.  Winning the MFG Cyclocross SS race earlier on Sunday will be the
final qualifier.  The winner of StarCrossed Raleigh Bicycles Single Speed
race will avoid the stress and possible humiliation of the qualify process
set forward by WUSS. The winner will also be the new owner of a Raleigh
single speed frame.

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