Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Handmade Cyclocross Bike: Gary's Sycip

Ok here is a pic of my second Custom Sycip submitted to this site. It is made of lite weight Columbus Tubing, ovalized at the headtube, then to round then back to ovalized at the Seatube, for the down-tube, it is ovalized at the Bottom-bracket as well as the seat-tube at the bottom bracket.

I really wanted to use the New Niner EBB (Biocentric) bottom bracket (Shell) for this frame and at the time it was only available in steel which is now available in Al as well. The frame weight is 3.5 lb. in what would be about at 51cm frame. It weights the same as the tricross frame that it replaced that was clubbed together into a single speed setup.

The complete bike as shown in the pics weights 15.8 which is awesome, my first CX Geared frame by Jeremy weighted 2.6 lb. which would have been crazy lite if we built this one in that manner. I raced the bike twice since it was built once in the CrossCrusades SS race then later that same day in the SSCXWC and truly loved the geometry and handling of the bike. Thanks for posting this bike.

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