Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reader's Question: Cross Pedal interference?

Hey, love your blog. Hope an update is coming soon. I will send you a picture of my kelly when my new pedals are here.....on to that....

I have a pair of candy pedals, but the platform interferes with my sidi dragon's tred. What in your opinion is the best/lightest pedal choice for cross that has a low profile? I am also trying to keep cost in mind, considering the money tree is not in bloom. I was going to go with the eggbeater SL, but someone told me they were not all that great. Any suggestions? Thanks,

Patrick---thanks for the comment, and your question brought about the update, fancy that!

Anyway, I have always had issues with this myself as I have primarily used the Candy's as well. My solution is to grind/shave some of the tread where the Candy platform touches the shoe. Clip your shoe into your pedal at your house and see where the shoe is making contact with the pedal platform. Make a mental note, pull out the Dremel and grind away a little tread. This is what many people do.

Additionally, Crank Brothers supply cleat shims for this purpose as well. I sometimes have had to employ both methods as the shims dont do enough shimming for some shoes.

Thanks for the question, anybody else have any insights, put it in the comments!

UPDATE: Patrick let me know that the shims supplied by Crank Bros worked great!


StevenCX said...

Lose the platform, get the Eggbeaters. They work great.

Anonymous said...

I agree, dremel down the tread. Its free!!!

Anonymous said...

Both options work just fine. I have both the eggbeater mxr (cross) & SL (mtn bike). The SL is definitely of higher quality, but both meet my needs. I also have cut away tread when I didn't have extra cash which also works well.

Anonymous said...

I have used both and prefer the Eggbeaters hands down. MUCH easier to get into than the Candies. I too had to grind away some tread though-Dremel works great for that task.